SUDOKU v.1.0

Relook 200s/400s - Neumo-Team Plugin

SUDOKU  v.1.0


Caution! This plugin is not an official release of DGStation.
It can include bugs and other strange things.

We are not responsible for any damages! You have be warned!


This plugin is for the Relook 200s/400s which use the firmware version 2.3. or later.

Please write any comments or bugs in the forum (german or english).


Left/Right/Up/Down: control cursor
1-9: Insert number
0: Delete number

Violation check:
Violation is checked while add a number to grid. Is this number cause a violation, the number will be coloured red.
All possible numbers of the selected cell are shown in the “infobox”.

Generating Sudoku:
If you start Sudoku plugin, it will generate a new sudoku automatically. This may takes some seconds.

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