EasyRider 3.28

        Hardware Requirements
        Galaxis McZap, Matrix, IQs, Matrix Action, Easy, Pop, Hirschmann,
        Axis, Classic, TechnoTrend TT-micro S200, Premiere TV-Pilot 100,
        hauppauge dec 3000s or any compatible receiver with TI AV 711xx.

        + Flash Erase (*)
        + Keyfile
        + Settings (*)
        + Firmware
        (*) In case of first install via rs232 save settings and erase flash.
            For flash erase, saving settings and bootloader have a look at
            google and search for "pl_galaxis".
        Version 3.0 or higher supports fast simple Firmware- and Settings-
        flashing via compactflash-card.
        EasyRider can be used in emulation- or share-mode via SSSP (=Simple
        Serial Sharing Protocol). This Protocol defines the communication
        between dvb-box and a gbox by using RS232 (serial/com/tty port).
        For cardsharing activate "cw-share" in the tools menu of the firmware.
        When configuring cw-share take care in using debug-mode. Only use in
        case of searching errors to avoid redundant datatransfer on rs232 port.
        serial port configuration for e.g. router like WR850G V2
        115200 8N1 (baudrate: 115200, data bits: 8, parity: none, stop bit: 1)

        gbox-RS232 communication settings
        To activate add in the gbox_cfg
        R: { 01 } for com1, or R: { 02 } for com2
        W: and V: should be deactivated 00 00
        + irdeto
        + beta digital
        + seca
        + viaccess, tps
        + nagravision
        + cryptoworks
        + constant cw
        + biss
        + conax
        ECM-Tracer (caid/pid logger)
        EasyRider contains also an ecm-tracer (CaID/PID Logger).
        To start tracing activate the ecm-trace and for additional information
        also the debug-mode in the tools menu.

        The integrated emm-blocker can be activated in the tools menu.
        D0, D2 and D3's will be blocked.

        thanks to all for patience, spending time for tests, cooperation work
        and nerves.
        thanks also to the developers of external tools and gbox through which
        cardsharing with galaxis compatible dvb-boxes has become possible.

        + au bugfixes

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