update-CD fix
changes as follows:

- Fixed broken installation from CD

Technical Details :

Installer side :

- New GUI, graphics & sounds by Berion.
- Installation now possible on mc slot 1 & 2.
- Fixed problem with chinese clone card (was generating wrong mcid).
- Changed "PowerOff PS2" option into "Launch Free McBoot".
- Better compatibility with early jap models.

Loader side :

- New elf load method which make it launch faster.
- New cnf vars to control "X Enter" and "/\ Version" position at osdsys
main menu screen.
- Fixed bug about loading elfs from OSDSYS turing into simple FMCB reboot
on some ps2 models (due to new elf-loader mentionned above).
- Fixed problem with chinese clone card not booting due to bug fixed in
mcid generation above.
- Fixed freezing bug while loading COGSWAP.
- Fixed bug about loading osd settings correctly.
- Fixed bug about Ps1 game color bug (due to bug fixed above).
- "FASTBOOT" can be used in button-launch and OSDSYS items paths.
- added "OSDMENU" support in the cnf while defined on LK_?_E? path
entries: It enforces OSDSYS to skip disc boot even with Skip Disc boot OFF.
- SkipMC now control DVD Player
update check from MC.
- Changed method of loading CNF from MC, now first check one the one that
booted FMCB.
- added new BREXEc-SYTEM folder icon that match new FMCB design by JNABK.
- Better compatibility with early jap models.

THX to Neme & jimmikaelkael

greetz evil-3x6

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