AirCrack-ng 0.9 Win

  • aireplay-ng: Added new ‘attack’: injection test (–test)
  • aireplay-ng: disallow injection with wlanng & kernel > 2.6.11
  • airtun-ng: Fixed: an option wasn’t shown in usage screen.
  • airodump-ng (win): Fixed version numbering.
  • airodump-ng (win): Changed first time messagebox
  • aircrack-ng: Fixed: –help make aircrack-ng crash
  • aircrack-ng: Added PTW attack (option: -z). It requires full capture.
  • airdecap-ng: now decrypt IEEE802.11 header with 802.11e header
  • airmon-ng: Fixed orinoco card detection
  • patches: updated zd1211rw patch for kernel 2.6.21
  • patches: Added bcm43xx injection patch for kernel 2.6.20
  • patches: updated rtl8187 patch (for new driver version).
  • wzcook (win): now can work in silent mode (option: –silent)
  • Makefile: added make zip (cygwin only)
  • Makefile: fixed direct call to ‘make install’ or ‘make strip’ instead of ‘make’
  • GUI (win): Updated aircrack-ng tab and added an about tab.

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