Pong v1.1 (Win32)

Security-Tool zum Auslesen der AP-Konfiguration

A Tool to check the vulnerability of your WirelessLan AccessPoint.
In case your AccessPoint is running a vulnerable Firmware, you get
access to all relevant details such as admin password, WEP keys,
allowed MAC-Addresses and some more...

c:\> pong [-r]

No installation required. Simply open a command shell and run
the tool. If an affected device is found, you will get a list
of all relevant parameters...

-r :: raw option
calling the pong.exe with the -r option (pong -r) gives additional
raw output of all received data. This works for certain firmware

Compatible Devices
This tool should work on most WLan AccessPoints manufactured
by GlobalSunTech and sold under many popular brands:
- DLink DWL-900AP+
- Wisecom
- 4MBO
- USRobotics
- Linksys
- Melco
- Airstation
- ...
Send us an email if you find it working on a device which is
not listed yet above.

Version 1.1
Added -r option for raw data output

If using this Software on any AccessPoint other than your own,
please ask your Sysadmin or the appropriate owner first, before
trying it. We are not responsible for any illegal usage!

This program is free.  There is an old adage: "you get what you
pay for".  Do NOT assume that it may work with your AccessPoint
or with the Firmware currently installed on your device.
I make absolutely no guarantees of any sort.  Commercial use is
prohibited. If you want to distribute (e.g. download or CD,...)
it, please let us know first: info@mobileaccess.de

This program is copyrighted by http://mobileaccess.de. You have
the permission to use it non-commercially.
If you have any questions, please send us an email or visit our
website at http://mobileaccess.de/

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