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Mbox 0.6.0000 - Complete inclusive Config

Mbox 0.6.0000 - Complete


Ab Gemini 4.2
Addon nach /tmp/ kopieren und über Blue Panel manuell installieren

Dies ist eine Complettversion.
Dies enthält nun als folgendes:

- Mbox (bin) - NewCS 1.65 startscript incl. entsprechenden Uninstallscript (Wer es nicht benutzt) - Delscript-Complete
Die Config der Emus würden ausgesondert.
Somit kann / muss man diese bei einer Neuinstallation entweder einmalig...

mbox 07.09.08 (all boxes included)

========== -Minor newcamd code optimization.
-Improved irdeto chid handling.
-Now no need to select again channel on start ro read PMT table.
-Fix minor problem when sending ECM.
-No default path for mbox.kill, so now create mbox.kill file where T: path is.
-Fix problem starting mbox without argument and with default mbox.cfg path /var/keys/

MBOX v.0.1 BETA ruDREAM 7000 500

A new emu using gbox protokoll has surfaced.No improvments of unsuported cards but new parabels in cwshare and gbox.cfg.I would caution people not to use this in our gbox network untill its proven to work 100%.It has the potensial to screw things up big time.

//cwshare.cfg some new things i added

// About D line in cwshare.cfg file ...
// Now you can set what provids/boxids you want to reshare with another peer(s)
// This is...