PHP Gbox Statistic v1.25 (Win32)

PHP Gbox Statistic 1.25 for Windows

This Tool shows Statistics about Peers, Cards ...
...based on PHP Scripts

It can be configured to read and
from your Dreambox or Dbox via FTP or also from a local directory,
for example if Gbox for Windows is used.

- Shows Online/Offline Users
- Shows shared Cards
- Shows Cardstatistics e.g. Distance, Level, ....
- Shows all Cards
- Show atack.txt and online.log
- Sort Functionality
- Support
- Different Profiles possible
- Level 0 Y lines view
- cwshare.cfg and gbox_cfg editor
- Search of BoxID

The full Package comes with

- Webserver : Apache HTTP Server 1.3.33
- PHP Version : 5.1.1
- Webbrowser : MiniBrowser v1.1.72a
- StartInterface : Server2Go 0.9.9

running standalone and will shutdown automatically if not needed.
No need to have your own webserver with PHP.

- Number of Providers are now counted by CardID
- All different CardID's are now listed .. new column added
- Total Stats now have the possibility to list all Cards by CardID -> magnifier behind each line
- Y lines now shows CardID and Card Name as comment so you know which Cards you have put in cwshare as Y line
- Added search function for BoxID in "Total Stats"
- Possibility to empty Attack Log

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