GboxSuite 4 Win Alpha 0.07

GboxSuite 4 Win Alpha 0.07 By BluE_MoOn

Fatures Added
- User can right click the Card listbox and select "Show Unique Providers" to list all the unique providers
  based on ID. This will list providers with a ID only once.
- Users can decide if they want to get the gbox files from a folder on their computer (or samba) or from FTP like
  they normally would do. This is usfull for users using Gboxx86.
- Cards now get sorted on the Provider name and not the ID, this was requested by Anakin a long time ago bu the code
  design was bad so it wasnt feasable at the time. Have now redesigned the basic code again so the sorting algorithm
  is much better now.

Bug Fixed
- When trying to update a Unknown Provider with the "Commit" button the program would crash, this happen becuase
  the Card ID didnt exist in
- Should be less strict on how the program "reads" and parses the information within the files.

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