vPlug 2.1.0

vPlug (SoftCam Emulator for DVB-S Cards)

This plug-in decrypts the crypted words from the incoming ECM stream and much more!


- Added MCT I2 (AU). (thnx to a friend for the dump and thnx to Tapis for the info)


- Plz update all of the included files (not just a .dll file)
- MCT changes the keys every 30 minutes. (so don’t change v_emm.ini parameters)
- Only CA_ID 0×0628 is supported. (only these kinds of channels should work)

- Make sure during AU, selected CA_ID is 0×0628. (otherwise it won’t work)
(or edit your v_sids.db, add MCT’s info and disable auto-ecm)
- Rescan this transponder to update its ECM and EMM data. (some of the dvb-s players show wrong data…)

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