vPlug 2.2.0 FullInstall


- Fixed S.View I2 AU.
- Fixed LA7 I2 AU

(thnx to all friends who helped me, you know who they are )

Here is the new vPlug’s I2 keys schema (to stop releasing new versions just because of the master key changes) :

I CAID_ProviderId key_index key ; op-key (clear or encrypted)
I CAID_ProviderId M0 key; EMM-Seed (clear)
I CAID_ProviderId M1 key; ECM-Seed (clear)
I CAID_ProviderId M2 key; Common-IV (clear ecm & emm IV’s)
I CAID_ProviderId M3 key; Clear-PMK0
I CAID_ProviderId M4 key; Clear-PMK1
I CAID_ProviderId M5 key; Encrypted-PMK0
I CAID_ProviderId M6 key; Encrypted-PMK1
I CAID_ProviderId M7 data; Clear-SA
I CAID_ProviderId M8 data; Encrypted-SA
I CAID_ProviderId M9 data; Clear 3 byte EMM header eg. 82703F or 82403F or …
I CAID_ProviderId F0 IsEncrypted; To use encrypted data, set IsEncrypted to 01 (otherwise 00)

Don’t worry about the above info, I2-Keys.txt file has been included… (don’t forget to import that file, otherwise nothing would work for you)

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