*  Many special thanks go to NoOneImportant for his wisdom and knowledge
*  and most importantly his willingness to share.                       
*                        A little EmuNation Humor:                      
* You must pray to emunation every night so you have TV every morning   
* You must hate the infidel "nasa plugin" with all your strength        
* Since "nasa plugin" will never give you the pleasure i can give you   
* You shall not install any other plugin before me                      
* BloatWare will always leaving you wanting                             
* And now a reading from the book of EmuNation:                         
*             And lo, did the Lord sayeth on the sixth day,            
*             'Let there be TV', and the people rejoiced.               
*             And lo, did he instruct that this TV be watched           
*             for free, so that the faithful may worship on their       
*             big screen TVs, and needeth not Satan's CAM.              
*             And so we releaseth this Emulator in his name, and pray   
*             that he doth deliver us the next generation of the        
*             sacred signal from the heavens.                           
*             Amen.                                                     

VC++ 2005 Redistribution pack for Microsoft has to be installed...

File locations:
*** ProgDVB & MyTheatre & MediaPortal TV Server (TV3) ***
    pthreadVC2.dll   {VC++ support file}

    Softcam.key      {see sample for required keys}

  {root}\Plugins\Nagra    (Required files to use NoOneImportant's AU}
    Rom102.bin       {ROM 102 bin file - 98304 bytes}
    EEP08_102.bin {Dish rev147 - 18432 bytes)
    EEP09_102.bin {Bev rev147 - 18432 bytes)

*** DvbDream ***
    pthreadVC2.dll {VC++ support file}

    Softcam.key {see sample for required keys}

  {root}\Plugins\Pip00\Nagra (Required files to use NoOneImportant's AU}
    Rom102.bin {ROM 102 bin file - 98304 bytes}
    EEP01_102.bin {Dish rev10B - 18432 bytes)
    EEP08_102.bin {Dish rev147 - 18432 bytes)
    EEP09_102.bin {Bev rev147 - 18432 bytes)

Please make sure the names are EXACTLY as they are shown above for your provider!
The ROM102.bin has an md5sum ('md5sum ROM102.bin') of: f05c2feeec184c6c5f3f327a90712b09

Additionally for Mediaportal TV Server you must install and register Agarwals MDAPI filter.
You can find the filter, as well as instructions on how to install it, on DVBN

Tested with the following:
DVB Dream
MediaPortal TVServer with Agarwals MDAPI Filter (DVB-S only)

Information regarding EmuNation
Map57 changes compliments of mfong@DVBN.
For slightly faster channel changes either use the included emunation.ini
or make the following change to the file that you use:

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