ACamd v0.5.0.8


cardclient AND smartcard use for windows DVB Cards

ACamd has been tested with:
MDAPI + DVBCore based programs and DVBViewer Pro/GE.

Place plugin and configs into Plugin dir, or Plugin\pip00 dir.

Radegast (no EMM)
Gb*x (localhost no EMM)
Camd35 (only EMM for Irdeto/beta and Seca)


The file ACamd_PMT.txt is used for not good detected channels static, or caid renaming and provider-id input.

When often PAT or CAT not found, disable PAT or CAT Scan option.

Some extra ACamd.ini options, displayed all default values

PatWait, CatWait, PmtWait, TsWait  timeouts 2000 millisecconds = 2 seconds
KeyDelay  zero millisecconds before sending key
ResetProviderID  1 = ON, 0 = OFF  Most off DVB programs do not handle Provider ID good
PremiumHack  1 = ON, 0 = OFF
EcmRetryWait  zero = off  secconds wait before retry after max EcmRetryError
EcmRetryError  count ecm errors, when trigger then stops ecm proccessing

DCW Tweak = 75 millisecconds after sending key, resend odd key

When no [PMT Scan] is possible or when using gb*x or radegast and on some protocols disable emm support then...
Autoecm is not working proper, you must put a P: entry into ACamd_PMT.txt file

V <- V
- Fixed   DVB Viewer Pro, HD
- Fixed   DVB Viewer GE, older versions
- Fixed   Newcamd EMM filtering
- Fixed   Zero EcmRetryWait did not work ok
- Changed Try next connection with same caid, cardclient and smartcard
- Added   Caid/provider ignore option ACamd_PMT.txt [I:]
- Added   Caid/provider rename option ACamd_PMT.txt [R:]

V <- V
- Fixed   DVB Viewer Pro, multiple audio streams
- Changed Now try next connection with same caid
- Changed PacketRingBuffer < size, clear when full
- Added   ini [EcmRetryWait=0] zero = off  secconds wait before retry after max EcmRetryError
- Added   ini [EcmRetryError=4] count ecm errors, when trigger then stops ecm proccessing
- Added   DVB Viewer GE, support

V <- V
- Fixed   Some hexdump display issues
- Fixed   Conax
- Changed Display some more Feynman info
- Changed Zero serial with provider-id not filtered anymore
- Changed Removed Child-ID check for non Irdeto/Beta protocols
- Changed More space for PacketRingBuffer
- Added   Premium Hack (not tested, put into ini)
- Added   Gb*x add provider-id into pmt request
- Added   Camd35 UDP protocol
- Added   Default provider-id(s) option into ACamd_PMT.txt

V <- V
- Fixed   Lot off small things...
- Fixed   DVB Viewer locks
- Fixed   Gb*x change to same channel, resend pmt request, reconnect after timeout
- Added   Menuitem [Packets to 184] somtimes dvb-driver emulates 4 header bytes wrong, delete this 4 bytes
- Changed Now default for Irdeto PLAIN when no smartcard.conf

V <- V
- Added   Irdeto camkey camkey-data (smartcard.conf)
- Fixed   Irdeto PLAIN (smartcard.conf) now first try RSA, then fallback
- Fixed   ProgDVB ECM and EMM Filter destroy
- Added   Gb*x cardclient, UDP localhost en default ports 8003,8004,8005, No EMM Support
- Added   Use of DVBCore applications
- Changed Location off the menu's

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