FeedCreator w/Podcasting v 1.7.3

Generate RSS feeds and/or podcasts

This is a third-party RSS feed generator script created by Scott Reynen, Kai Blankenhorn, and Dirk Clemens. It can create valid feeds in the following formats:

  • RSS 0.91, 1.0 or 2.0
  • PIE 0.1 (deprecated)
  • OPML 1.0
  • Unix mbox
  • ATOM 0.3
  • customizable HTML or Javascript format

The copy of FeedCreator here on BlitzAffe Code is a modified version that I (Steve Blinch) have adapted to natively support RSS 2.0 enclosures, as well as all of the extra tidbits required to generate iTunes-compatible podcast feeds.

For the original (non-podcasting) code, please visit the official website at the link above.

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