DidemLoader v1.01

DidemLoader v1.01

Changes 1.00 -> 1.01
- DIDEM OS update to Version 0107
- DIDEM OS 0105/106 application files remain usable
- reduced rx timing delay
Changes 0.91 -> 1.00
- DIDEM OS update to Version 0106
- DIDEM OS 0105 application files remain usable
- fixed restore procedure
- fixed security lockdown

Attention:        *** IMPORTANT ***

Due to some detail differences in hardware some cards perform a security lockdown when they actually shouldn't.
To avoid this, do only use this Loader Utility (Version 1.01) in order to upload your application!
It automatically performs an the neccessary steps to address this problem.

Using an older Utility Version may destroy your card!

After the update you are still able to use application files that were intended for v0105 (Loader Utility Version 0.9 and above).

Information:          How to obtain the OS Version information

Press "Show ATR" Button an watch out for "DIDEM" Text.
The first two bytes of the last three show the OS version.
ATR:  3B 97 18 11 81 44 49 44 45 4D 01 06 59
=> this is a DIDEM OS 0106 card.

You may, however, see a 'BOOTXX2' text instead. In this case the OS has not yet been installed.

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