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Mbox Manager 1.82

- Webserver Changed, the older webhosting was closed (
- Updated cccam.channelinfo file (October 2009)
After update will work again all web functions:
update checker, messages, remote status, compatible box.
All web data losts, for using remote status (with account)
you will need to register again.

Mbox Manager 1.75

Added SSH support (for PC servers); new file: settings\putty_ssh.exe
Changes on NewCS Log colors
Some changes on FTPClient

Mbox Manager 1.6.3

- Bugfix: reset config files when change the profile
- Added Compatible Box List in Help menu (users can read the current list and add new items)

Mbox Manager 1.5

- Added new Page (Web/Network). Include a small FTP Client, Remote Status function and Homepage.
- FTP Client: download, upload, create or delete files and folders, rename and change attributes.
- Remote Status: This function can send your status in 4 types: E-mail, Account, Local and Online Web Server. If you want to see what will send, press the "Create Test Message" button.
- Homepage: Show the Mbox Manager's Homepage. The account is only for remote status (at account type).
- Some small fixes

MBoxToolBox v.0.7b

Neuerungen in v.0.7b
  - Bug "Benutzer/Passwort" Fehler überarbeitet - Emu -Steuerung --> Starten und Beenden & oder MBox/Newcs --> Telnetverbindung

MBoxToolBox Beta v0.6

Neuerungen in v.0.6

- Bug Benutzer/Passwort Fehler bei "MBoxSuite" behoben - Script newcs/mbox zur Box uploaden - newcs.xml Creator mit upload - Sid port.list Creator mit Namensvergabe und upload --> Kabel Deutschland --> Premiere --> Arena --> ORF --> Default "SID können selbst eingeben werden"

MBox ToolBox v0.2

enthalten sind u.a.
Anleitungen Plugin Programme Script Skins Installing MBox E1, E2, Neutrion & Kathrein (sh40)
einzelnt will, cwshare.cfg & mbox.cfg copied
and the optional combined
Installing Newcs E1, E2, Neutrion & Kathrein (sh40)

Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 4.3

- add SFTP for read msms - add delete message on box/server after download (only FTP and Local) - reset timer send next msms after profile change - goto tab msms when click on Email picture - delete msms on pc when right mouse click on selectionbox or textbox
please backup your files BEFORE you use MCC !!!