Dreamcamd v5.0

emu(dreamcamd v5.0)emu dreams

-- Amendment comprehensive peace in the new version of emu

-Config files now (var / keys / dremcamd )
-Config files now working efficiently and high-speed track in the new

Change the course in Alimo know now operates efficiently and high speed

--FIX NDS prevent freezing of the picture


-- Fix irdeto2 speed of opening channels

-- Operation more than a bouquet of Port and one without problems

-- Address letters errors within emu to prevent interruption emu with strong pressure

_ Each receive bouquets from the World gbox highly efficient and high-speed track without new problems

_ _All operate in the course of one (var / keys / dremcamd )

Which led to raising the efficiency of IMO significantly and quickly opened channels of Astkablha gbox

___ dreamserver_dreamcamd_5.0

##For the work server and view it on the same organ or watching another server

___ dreamcamd_5.0_newcs_1.50

## Spider-server for the work and add cards local to operate on the original server with Spider at the same time

___ dreamcamd_5.0_CCcam_2.0.8_cam

#####This script by choice and should download Imo CCcam_2.0.8 to operate more than one server and newcamd cccam Dream on the same device at the same time

Imo using dreamcamd to operate efficiently 2 emu very high at the same time and who could strengthen Surfer cccam of IMO using user newcamd package includes all of emu dreamcamd#####

(Now a Dream Box with the emu is doing everything at the same time and with the least effort and high-speed

It is indeed emu dreams

Dream Box organ in the world with (DREAMCAMD EMU )

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