IncubusCamd v0.93 für die Qbox HD

incubusCamd, cam daemon.

Available for processor types: sh4 (tested only on Cuberevo family receivers)

Use the sh4_e2 version on cuberevo with enigma 1 or enigma 2 on board, the other version (*.sh4) on cuberevo with dgstation firmwares
Use the sigma version on azbox hd firmwares
Use the ppc version on dreambox with enigma 1 (or receivers like); for triple dragon and dgstation firmwares on ppc check
the config to know how to set the cam for those boxes
Use the mips version on dreambox with enigma 2 (or receivers like)

Card client for protocols: cccam, gbox, newcamd 5.20, newcamd 5.25, radegast old, radegast new, aroureos, camd 33, camd 35

Emulators for: Seca 1, Seca 2, Viaccess 1, Viaccess 2, Viaccess 2.3, Viaccess 2.4, Conax, Cryptoworks, Tps Crypt 1, Tps Crypt 2, Tps Crypt 3, Biss, Constant CW

.conf and .prio files can be inserted in the incubusCamd binary file directory, or in /var/bin directory, or in /etc, or in /var/keys
SoftCam.Key must be inserted in the /var/keys directory
.prio and SoftCam.Key file directories can be declared also in the .conf file


- fixed ecm pid debug log for biss encryption
- fixed a bug on filters (more stability)
- add seca2/seca3 handler (i suggest to use it only on providers wich uses both seca2 and seca3 with same provid value,
like TVVlandeeren and Canal Digitaal)
- fixed bug on reading prio/ignore
- updated web interface
- newcamd and radegast are now managed in a better way, no more connecting/disconnecting is done if no server
is disconnected before (or the connection would be broken)
- fixed a bug wich will not find card on cccam protocol if multi provider (like seca2/seca3 pids) are declared with the same values
- added emm management (it works only with newcamd servers wich use the EMM in the config line, do not forget to enable also
"process_emms_on_cs_mode" and your emm-g/s/u blocker options)
- fixed some bugs with timeshift using original dgs based firmwares (if you find more bugs report them as usually)
- fixed some bugs with PIP using original dgs based firmwares (if you find more bugs report them as usually)

EMM for internal emu will be enabled when testers will report emm are working ok with almost all codifies.
Do not forget this is a beta version so it could be some EMM will not work as expected, but i can't test every codify
in the world and every smart card for each provider, so... you know, just report what works and what does not!

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