Gbox For Humax 5400 Full Install Version 02.27

GBox For Humax Boxen Full Install.
Version: 02.27

More and more speed.. bug fixes
PC is connected with Humy by zero-modem cable.
tested on HoT 7.7
In Humax Toh Menu einstelle:
-Humax setting must be at card+s+emu
-And block EMM+ECM
-Sharing protocol mode : SSSP
-Note:put cwshare.cfg on GBox Full Install folder to use gbox
-Double click on the program and execute the server gboxx86.exe
-Does not need Program HSIC.EXE without the HSIC
-And does not need cygwin ioperm.sys
-Ignore Inside the file cwshare.cfg

Enjoy it!

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