MeoBoot 0.6a

MeoBoot is now available as a plugin only.

About MeoBoot

What is MeoBoot:
MeoBoot is a new, very light, not invasive, Multiboot tool for Enigma 2 images.
MeoBoot is the answer to those who wish to have an alternative to the existing multiboot tools, which have now become a kind of image in the image, controlling your DM, doing tasks that go beyond their purposes, reaching large file sizes.

System requirements:
MeoBoot is currently designed to work only with Enigma 2 images for Drembox series DM8xx, namely for dm800 and DM8000.
MeoBoot can be installed on a standard CF (Compact Flash), an SD card, or a normal USB key.
MeoBoot only accepts devices formatted in Linux (part1) and this to ensure the best performance in dreambox native environment.
The HDD install option is not available. The HDD standby feature makes the HDD install a bad solution, and therefore the USB, CF and SD are preferred instead.

MeoBoot is very simple and intuitive. The plugin includes an Help button, explaining where to upload images before install and how to remove it. It also includes a feature to format the device where the MultiBoot will be used.

About multiboot tools, and suggestions on how to keep the image always updated.

An insight of all multiboot tools would require understanding that DMM second stage are not possible to modify.

This means that the current multiboot tools may intervene in the process of starting the Dreambox only after the kernel and Secondstage have been loaded.
It is therefore importanto to understand that when using a multi-boot tool, the drivers, secondstage and kernel will be loaded by the flash image.
This procedure requires some precautions:
1) It is a good idea to always update the flash image, to make sure it includes the latest drivers and secondstage. Drivers and Secondstage can be easily updated via the Software Manager, available in the flash image. If the drivers and secondstage of your flash image are old, they will also be used for the new images you will install to multiboot.
2) Do not install to multiboot images too old, compared to the flash image. They may not work properly when the drivers are very recent, and the CVS is very old.
3) Do not use images in multiboot with different kernel versions. This may cause the malfunction of your whole dream.
For example, do not use the latest OzOon images with Nabilo, LS, Gimini or NewEnigma. Ozoon latest images include a different kernel and are incompatible.
To avoid trouble then before installing a new image, always check the image kernel version, and make sure it is the same as the flash image.
These are few and simple explanations that are relevant to all multi-boot tools and if you follow them, you will then make sure that your Dream always performs at itsbest, keeping it as much as possible efficient and updated.

MeoBoot was written precisely for this to be simple, transparent and lightweight.
It is very small compared to other MB and does not reach even a mega.
It only does its job, and does not invade your dream, do not check if it is a clone or not, check your network, it does nothing extra. Only does multiboot!

Enjoy MeoBoot

To install it to your DM:
1) download the file to your PC
2) via FTP, copy the file to your DM in /tmp
3) start a telnet session
4) type cd /
5) type ipkg install /tmp/MeoBoot06a.ipk
6) the plugin will be installed and Enigma 2 will automatically restart
7) the plugin is available in your image plugin list

However, if your image offers a panel to install IPK's, then you can use it.

Some helpful screenshots, taken on DM8000.

Install the Pure Flash Multiboot to flash via browser and boot it.

Complete the Start Wizard as you wish, and open the Plugin Menu
Select MeoBoot, and press OK to launch the plugin
The plugin will automatically detect the available devices ( CF, USB or SD )
If necessary, press the Green Button ( Devices ) to format your chosen device. Press the Red Button ( Format ) to start formatting the device
Confirm you wish to format
Wait for the format procedure to be completed
When the format procedure is complete, press Ok and you will be redirected to the Plugin Menu.Press the Red Button to install it to the selected device
Confirm your choice
Meoboot is now successfully installed to your device

After installation, you will return to the Plugins list. Launch MeoBoot again.

You will see the list of available images. In this case we only have the flash image. Press the Blue Button for Help, the Green Button to boot the selected image, and press the Red Button to install a new image to multiboot. Image files must be first uploaded to the the folder /MbootUpload, which is in your chosen media. Select the image with the left/right button
Change name if you wish

Choose if you wish to copy settings or not. And press the Red Button to start the image installation.

The DM will freeze during this procedure. Wait a few minutes, for the install process to be completed. Once the install is complete, you will be prompted with the Boot Menu, where you can choose to boot the newly installed image, or any other image already installed.

The plugin will have also been added to any image installed to multiboot. You can install other multiboot images from a multiboot image too.

Enjoy MeoBoot.

The TGZ file is for Nabilo images and requires Enigma2 restart after installation. The IPK file is for all images.

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