NewCS für AZBox

NewCS für AZBox
NewCS Installation
Extract files from archive, and You will have newcs folder.
Connect on Your AzBox HD by FTP , and transfer folder newcs to /EMU/OpenXCAS
, and give it CHMOD 755 on newcs directory.
Do not forget to edit file newcs.xml .
Now you also have to check-in NewCS in list of Emulator's and You will do that simply by adding newcs in /EMU/OpenXCAS/module.seq file .
Also in Camd Activation and Priority set # with blue button on all other emu's, and press Yellow button to restart emu. ( NewCS should be without # in front of his name, or if you will use it with mbox or MGCamd choose NewCS and MGCamd or Mbox also without # ).

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