RTi Core v1.7.0 Enigma 2 for AzBox HD Elite, Premium, Premium+, Ultra

RTi Core v1.7.0 Enigma 2

Enigma 2 of 28.02.2012

Kernel of Sun Feb 19 22:34:11 CET 2012 mip

Drivers of 17.02.2012

What is new in RTi Core v1.7.0:

- Fixed HDMI , added new way of controling A/V output.

- Added blindscan for Premium+ and Ultra ( Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Manual Scan -> Type of scan: Move <- or -> to Blindscan )

- Fixed Teletext

- Fixed lag on Premium+ and Ultra model

- Fixed .mp4 playback with .srt files

- Fixed seg. fault messages on .avi files

- Added support for 3G USB Modems (You can enter own parameters to establish connection) (Menu-> Setup -> System -> [3G Set])

- Fixed timeshift and recording

- Fixed playback of recorded files

- Improved playback over network trough NFS, CIFS and UPnP

This image is designed for Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra

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