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SPAZE 2.1 Quantum Edition Elite/Premium/PremiumPlus/Ultra

SPAZE 2.1 Quantum Edition Elite/Premium/PremiumPlus/Ultra


- Drivers RTi 1.5.3
- New skin navySpazeTeam
- EMC + TimeSleep (recordings)
- Fixes in EPG
- Support NTFS-3G
- Small Fixes in MediaCenter
- Other Small Fixes


Channel List

To avoid problems with Channel List, check first our satellites. xml and look the next example:

Bad: Astra 19.2ºE
Good: Astra...

RTi Core v1.7.0 Enigma 2 for AzBox HD Elite, Premium, Premium+, Ultra

RTi Core v1.7.0 Enigma 2

Enigma 2 of 28.02.2012

Kernel of Sun Feb 19 22:34:11 CET 2012 mip

Drivers of 17.02.2012

What is new in RTi Core v1.7.0:

- Fixed HDMI , added new way of controling A/V output.

- Added blindscan for Premium+ and Ultra ( Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Manual Scan -> Type of scan: Move <- or -> to Blindscan )

- Fixed Teletext

- Fixed lag on Premium+ and Ultra model


Spaze 2.2 Quantum Edition


- Last kernel 2.6.22.
- Last Drivers.
- Wifi fix.
- Updated spzDownloads.
- Added plugin Cronmanager.
- Added new timesleep.
- Added fix on recordings with AZbox not premium+.
- Added plugin spzWeather.
- Added plugin spzRSS.
- Added plugin spzZapHistory.
- Added plugin spzVirtualKeyboard.
- Added plugin AZFrontPanel.
- Added EPG Freesat.
- Fix .ts files on MediaCenter.
- Fix MediaCenter finishing videos.
- Fix...

SifTeam Enigma2 Koala AzboxHD elite/premium/Premium+/ultra

- Moved to enigma2 openpli project (thank you openpli team)

- Sifteam cloud system (You can connect your sifteam forum account on your stb, in the future release you can backup your image,share channels settings etc etc in your personal account storage)

- New Graphic skin. Thank you so much to daconi.

- Redisegned SifTeam Panel Menu

- Redesigned Software Manager.Added possibility to rank your favourite plugin, you can consult top rated,most downloaded plugin etc etc



OpenRSi firmware for AZBox Elite/Premium(+)/Ultra
The first OpenRSi image for AZBox HD Elite, Premium(+) and Ultra models are available.

Keep in mind that the image comes without a kernel.
If you need to install the kernel as well if you did not do that already.
You do not need the kernel if you already used previous E2 images.