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TitaniumElite ToolKit v2.1

TitaniumElite ToolKit v2.1
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Titanium1 OsCmds SourceCode

Titanium1 OS main command processing loop.   This was made using a disassembly of the Titanium1 OS (reimplemented line for line in C)   Many external definitions/routines referenced from this file are not provided.
This is done on purpose. The code is being released as a reference for people
who are interested in learning a bit more about how Titanium1 commands work.

Titanium 1-2 Card Loader

Titanium 1-2 Card Loader
(C)MASARE Team - Saoud007

Options avalaible
- Detect Titanium Card 1, Titanium Card 2
- Detect COM Port
- Save Settings
- HIGH Speed programming (working only with titanium card 2)
- File loaded saved in settings.ini when application closed
- Identify card (OS version)
- Check ATR card

Material used
-Card progger with interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ
 (tested with infinity usb phoenix & TE21)