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Gbox Suite 3.0

Smartcard info
Ecm info
Share info
Satitstic info

Removed not needed files
Faster zapping on Gbox suite now
File size is only 280kb good for box with out hdd
Small changes in code

Use only this this works only on this plugin

GBox 2.25c

Last version of Gbox.
Gbox 2.25C - resolved Nagra problem on Hispa + some more bugs

Arena gbox faq

OK, let's go:

Stop gbox
1. Upload raci to your dreambox in /tmp
2. Chmod 755 raci
3. open telnet
4. write: /tmp/raci
5. open
6. open file crypto in /var/keys
7. add an line with the data from something like this:
C: { xx xx xx xx }} ( long string )
8. start gbox and it works

Auf deutsch:
1. gbox stoppen
2. raci hochladen nach /tmp
3. chmod 755 raci
4. telnet öffnen
5. /tmp/raci eingeben
6. daten aus in eine c...