NewCS v.1.18 -Release Candidate 11

v.1.18 -Release Candidate 11:
BEV nagra2 provider fixed.
Fixed entitlements for BoomTV.
Added support for viaccess confidential EMM's.
Fixed bug in Seca UA ins.
Added possibility to read camkey/camkey-data from config as requested.
Radegast server will resolve hostname on each new connect. (fix for dynhosts).
Added support for Arena cryptoworks cards.
Alot of bugfixes, errorchecks and cleanups.
Added statreset tcp-command.
Improved ATR-parsing.
Fixed bug that used 100% cpu on freeBSD.
Fixed bug in logging, when using different levels on tcp/file/console.
Added rate-check for users, possibility to limit ecms/minute from user.
Fixed conax with different CAID then 0B00.
Added slovak language indikator on Conax cards.
Fixed Betacrypt EMM again.
Fixed bug one certain Irdeto EMM.
Fixed bug that gave echo mismatch from Betacrypt cards on SC8.
Added random distribution of card traffic, kind of loadbalancing.
Fixes in newcamd server for better stability.
Fixed longer timeout after ATR.
Fixed Theme-level on viaccess entitlements.

Filenames in release HAVE changed, please use readme for description.

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