Relook400s 2.11 PAL Official

  relook400s software release

  released version  : 2.11.
  released date     : Sat Sep  9 18:04:23 KST 2006

    - boot loader
      U-Boot 1.1.1
    - application
    - database

via usb cable, it formats the database. It requires
rescanning of channels.

via usb cable, it updates linux kernel and applications only.

 How to download
1.Check your current program version first: Main menu-->About-->system info -->program version.

2.1 : If the program version is older than it's newly released, kernel_root.img has to be downloaded.

2.2: If the DB version is older than it's newly released, db.img has to be replaced.

 2.11 Changes
(A : added, F : bug fixed, M : modified/improved of functions, B : Known Bugs)

- A : Single List EPG display (If want to see Grid type, press EPG again on Single List EPG)
- F : Multifeed, subfeed EPG gathering bug.(Not checked on NTSC image)
- F : Channel name parsing(Some channel) bug fixed on APSTAR 6.
- M : Faster channel scan.(about 40% improved)
- M : Add mp3 plugin as a default plugin.
- M : Add Geckow WebInterface by default.
- B : If you scan TP which are about 4Mhz apart, some channel will be duplicated.
    (You may see this bug on older version, too.)

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